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Current Club News

- Be sure to check the website calendar for events, training opportunities, and activities. All events will list a contact person.

- REMINDER: If Harford County Md or York County Pa schools are closed on the day of a club meeting the meeting will also be cancelled.

- for those of you who still need hours in your first year, Contact the club President, Jim Dawson, for information and to set up a time to get those hours.  His email is

- Any new members who need to complete service hours please review the list of jobs that need completed.  Contact a Board member or chairperson of the event to arrange hours.  Remember, if 8 hours are not completed your membership will not be renewed.(bring tools if you need them)

  • Line stripping/painting in parking lot

  • Gutter repair and cleaning

  • Downspout repair

  • Rifle Range backers

  • Archery backers

  • Target Stands

  • T 1-11 needs replaced

  • Weeding

  • Scrub tables and chairs

  • Floors in club house need mopped/waxed

  • Wipe down walls in clubhouse

  • Garage needs reorganized, swept, cleaned

  • Archery shed need cleaned out

  • Landscaping

  • Firewood to be cut, split, and stacked

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