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Range Rules

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1. ALWAYS display your membership card visibly on your person while using the club facilities/ranges, except when attending a club-sponsored activity.


2. No firing before 08:00 A.M. or after dusk.


3. Do not use our range facilities while consuming or under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs.


4. One guest per member is allowed one time, after which they must apply for membership to continue to use the facilities.


5. A dedicated, Club Recognized Range Officer has the right to remove any person in violation of these rules.


6. Supervision of junior shooters, under 18 years of age, is required at all times.


7. Eye and ear protection is REQUIRED while on our ranges


8. Keep firearms unloaded, and action open, when not on the firing line.


9. Do not handle or discharge firearms while someone is down range.


10. Keep all firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times and only load when on the firing line and ready to shoot.


11. Allow a (3) three-second delay between consecutive shots on the rifle range, except during a Club-sanctioned event.


12. Armor piercing, tracer ammunition, full automatic firearms, or 50 BMC rifles are not allowed on our ranges.


13. Pistols are allowed on Rifle Range.  Center of targets must be at least four and one half (4 ½) feet above the ground so all fired rounds impact the backstop and targets are not allowed any closer than 50 yards for pistol shooting


14. Use only appropriate paper targets or clay birds. (SEE STEEL TARGET GUIDELINES)


15. Keep center of targets at least four and one half (4 ½) feet above the ground so all fired rounds impact the backstop.


16. All targets, trash, misfired cartridges and brass should be picked up and removed from our ranges. IF YOU BROUGHT IT WITH YOU, TAKE IT HOME.


17. No smoking within fifteen (15) feet of the firing line.


18. Politely remind any person of their infraction of these rules; and if not corrected, bring it to the attention of the Club Officers for their disposition.


Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

- ANYONE has the right to call CEASE FIRE.

- Members and Guest MUST sign in on Range Sign In sheets.

- Guest MUST fill out Hold Harmless Agreement and placed in Hold Harmless Agreement box prior to using any range or facilities.

- Guest MUST share your shooting bench/area when room is needed for other Club Members.

- NEVER cross the shooting line unless the range is COLD and/or AT CEASE FIRE.

- Know the shooting line DO NOT make your own line.

- Do not attach targets directly to the wood of the target stands.  This destroys the stands.  Please use cardboard and then attach target to cardboard.

- Know your target and what is beyond your target

- Do not cross lanes of fire, shoot only at YOUR target

- Ensure that your target is within the backstop parameters at all times. Rounds must impact backstop and NOT anywhere else.

- Be sure that your firearm is safe to operate and know how to use your firearm safely. Shooters need to know how the firearm operates, its basic parts, how to safely open and close the action, and how to remove the ammunition or projectiles.

- Use only the correct ammunition for your firearm. Only the ammunition designed for a particular firearm can be safely fired in that firearm. Shooters should ensure that the caliber marked on the barrel, ammo box, and cartridge cases match. This is especially true for antique guns.

- Control your brass / shells at all times.  DO NOT interfere with other shooters.  Your spent casings should not enter other shooters area at anytime. 

- If you break it or damage it, or if you observe something broke, damaged or an unsafe act report it to a Club Officer, Board Member or Range Safety Officer so it can and will be addressed.



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